This is the season for friends, family and festivities!
No big style holiday would be complete without a tour with the Limo Party Non-Stop limousines.

Pack up and start a magical journey, full of lights regarded through the window of a limousine, as you have never seen until now.

Let one of our drivers be the captain of your ship while you are taking a ride around the city or the tourist objectives. Relax and melt in the generous leather-covered seats, savouring your favourite drink while watching the urban landscapes from our extravagant limousines. Each tour is tailored to your needs.
Unless you have established a plan, here are several ideas!
*We can adjust to every route and to every tourist objective!
Weekend package 10 pers.
700 €
Airport to Hotel, Accommodation 2 nights (5 rooms), Hotel to Club, Bar included (Romanian specific drink - brandy - palinca)
Saturday package
70 € / 1 hour
Hotel 1:00 p.m., Bucharest tour, Old Town (lunch ), People's House (visit), Caru 'cu Bere (dinner), Club, Bar included (Romanian specific drink - brandy - palinca)
Sunday package
100 € / 1 hour
Hotel 12:00 p.m., Bucharest tour, Airport, Bar included (Romanian specific drink - brandy - palinca)

*Entering and serving at the club and at restaurants will be paid by the customer.